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Each seminar offers a full program of education, coaching and workshops to access your true potential and build the life of your dreams.
Several to come in 2020 in several major capitals: Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Montreal, Casablanca, Geneva, ...

You will learn to access the 12 emotional rhythms that allow a human being to accomplish and succeed in his different categories of life.

You will also learn to combine joy and enthusiasm, determination and certainty, creating the Muscle of Well-being which is the foundation of gratitude and wealth in human beings.

At the end of this day, you will have the tools necessary to be able to become emotionally independent and regain power over your life!


A powerful self-coaching method designed on the basis of neurology and biology.

The SANE ® Self-Coaching Method allows you to train your body to activate any emotional state you need, in particular the emotions of the Muscle of Well-Being ® .

With the SANE exercises designed on the basis of very precise neurological sequences, you engage the mind and the body to work in the same direction: that of your desire and your visions.

By creating this neuro-emotional alignment, in Well-Being, you reach an unexpected potential. You attract to you the people and the circumstances that will lead you towards the realization of your visions. Well-being makes you optimistic and creates luck.

Performed regularly, SANE exercises will help you to independently unlock the limiting beliefs recorded by your Subconscious that inhibit your ability to succeed.

You will become the architect of your life!

  • 100% reproducible method

Impressive results for everyone: regular practice of SANE exercises guarantees lasting results, as witnessed by the thousands of people who have already used the method.

  • Never again victim of circumstances or your past

Take back your power! Never again let your Unhappiness and your subconscious sabotage your success. Learn how to wean your body from these toxic emotional addictions and assert your true potential.

  • Powerful exercises and training protocols

Take back your power and build your personality by following the neuro-emotional exercise sequences of the SANE Method

  • The art of effortless performance

More and more clairvoyance and efficiency: the practice of SANE exercises allows you to create the neuro-emotional alignment essential for the mind and body to work together in the direction of your desire. Working in Well-Being means advancing in confidence and creating your chance: more ideas and intuition, more energy in action, more charisma ... So more results. Many, many more results!

Where and how does this seminar take place?

The seminars   generally accessible is easy by all means of transport.

Provide comfortable clothing so that you can do the exercises in a concentrated manner, as well as what to eat.

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