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Miriam EYR

(El Yedidi Rabih)


After more than 15 years in the world of communication & marketing in the Paris region and intense personal development sessions that being closer to the patient is now the reason for being of Miriam EYR.


Coming from a family of unconventional artists, Miriam is experimenting with a new reading of art which takes her on the path that has become obvious: art as a support for rehabilitation and mediator of self-expression. She chooses to become an art therapist and decides to return to school. To do this, she began several courses in parallel: she perfected in plastic arts, took courses in contemporary dance, Tango, as well as piano lessons. After hundreds of hours in CHU in the Paris and Lille region, she presented her thesis on the effectiveness of art therapy and obtained her Art therapy diploma with honors at the Faculty of Medicine of Lille.


Finally finding her place as a visual artist, in 2013 she created a plastic arts and art therapy workshop to allow anyone wishing to practice an artistic activity with a view to well-being: the art2be atelier

From art to well-being, its conversion does not stop there. She continues to train in other alternative therapies: kinesiology, access bars consciousness, archaic reflexes, naturopathy, meditation, yoga, etc. She created her cabinet “another wellness alternative” in 2014. Still looking for alternative and autonomous methods, she decided to validate her personal development journey with her mentors Mani Hesam (chiropractors and founder of the SANE method) and Arash Zarrimpour (Doctor of Science) and obtains the certification of Sane Coach Expert Plus and Instructor at the Sane Institute.


Today, apart from the consultations, Miriam gives conferences where she shares her practice and her expertise so that everyone finds their way to well-being. It also organizes workshops & seminars in France, Belgium, Morocco and more recently in Canada to help an audience of all ages either in physical, mental, social difficulty, or simply in search of well-being. The ultimate goal for Miriam is that everyone embodies the best version of themselves.


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